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Psychotherapy is relevant where there is a sense of struggle without any particular sense of a cause of the concern, often this struggle is something which has been experienced for a considerable period of time. A psychotherapy relationship tends to be of a longer-term nature.


Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative psychotherapy seeks to explore your life experience using structure, to bring an understanding of areas in life where change may be beneficial and then work with you to implement change. In other words to identify how one aspect of your like may be impacting upon another and through the identification of influences provide a route to a state of integration.

The holistic nature of the integrative approach means that Integrative practitioners will draw upon the core conceptual models in practice today - therefore integrating the humanistic, experiential, psychoanalytic and behavioural theoretical perspectives and techniques.


Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy

CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy has at its core an assumption that thoughts generate emotions. With roots in a number of ancient philosophical ideas, particularly stoicism, the therapist and client will work to identify thought patterns that are unhelpful and seek to alter or replace these with thinking that leads to less painful emotions. Due to its very methodical nature it has been possible for researchers to undertake a great deal of research and CBT has been able to show a quantitative success for a range of concerns and is favoured for this reason by the NHS.


Existential Psychotherapy

Existential psychotherapy is influenced by philosophical thinking from the greatest philosophical minds across millennia. Whilst times change major concerns around what it means to be human prevail, these include mortality, loss, our unique experience of our world through our individual senses, health, relationships, culture, what we do with our time and our spirituality.

Together we will attend to the phenomena that become apparent as having significance in your life, we will use a phenomenological form of enquiry to broaden and deepen the possibility to describe them and consider what they might mean either contextually or uniquely to the way in which you approach and are engaged in living.

A key differentiator in existential psychotherapy is the engagement of the therapist. In our work together we will be considering how we experience our time together and offer you perspectives on the basis that we can look for patterns in how you experience and are experienced by others.

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