Panic Attacks

Whilst all of us can have anxious thoughts and feelings from time to time it can be very distressing if these continue over a significant period of time or prevent you enjoying life. We have extensive experience of working with people who have suffered panic attacks which are a distinct phenomena related to stress and anxiety. See more information regarding our Stress and Anxiety Therapy

Recognise Panic Attacks

Research suggests that around 13% of people have experienced a panic attack. If you experience a panic attack then it is quite likely you won’t even know that is what is happening. In fact what is most likely is that you won’t feel well, you won’t be able to say what is wrong and that not knowing what is wrong is likely to result in your feeling even worse. You may notice that you have now become anxious because you don’t know why you are feeling so bad but the experience is likely to lead you to be convinced that you are actually very sick.

 The surprise comes from the fact that panic attacks come on so suddenly (hence the word attack) and are experienced in such a physical manner. Of course panic attacks can be experienced with differing levels of severity however they tend to render you incapable of being able to manage the kind of rational thinking needed to reach the conclusion it is a panic attack. 

The physical nature of the experience tends to frighten the sufferer so that they begin to feel even worse as adrenaline is generated, the heart thumps and breathing quickens. A panic attack usually ends when something distracts the sufferer and the distraction is enough to allow the anxiety to subside.

 Neuroscience is starting to help us understand the impact of anxiety on how the brain functions and to confirm long held views about its nature. It is now being recognised that heightened anxiety can come from the part of the brain called the amygdala. From an evolutionary perspective this area of the brain is tasked with warning us of potential threats and we are starting to understand that whilst this is a very sensitive and fast acting system it is not particularly accurate. 

Some theorists are suggesting that it is not particularly suited to modern day life because there are so many external stimuli, this area of the brain is constantly activated. As such this is why activities such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation and others that involve reducing external stimuli are becoming increasingly important.

Counselling and Therapy for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are something people often bring to counselling and therapy. We can explore the causes of your panic attacks and work with you to find ways to cope with them, manage anxiety and make changes that are helpful.

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