Paranoid Personality Disorder

You may be feeling suspicious of others and even frightened or scared for your safety. Heightened feelings that lead to finding it hard to relax and to stop difficult thoughts. Fear of being judged or misunderstood may well be causing you to think you must not share your experiences with others. You may have felt disappointed by the response of other people in the past and nervous that others may only make things worse. 

Paranoid personality disorder (PDD) is a disorder which others often judge as involving people having odd and eccentric ways  of thinking, general suspicion and inflexible mistrust of others. Individuals with DPP suffer from Paranoia as well, and they are not normally grounded in reality. As this disorder presents most often in young adulthood it is important to treat it when symptoms are mild and less frequent.

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I want to thank you for all your help clearing my headspace, it is time for me to accept who I am.

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