Therapy Services

Our Individual Therapy encourages you to consider your life and how you experience it with the aim of understanding the aspects with which you are currently struggling. We can offer differing perspectives and support you to make changes where this can be helpful.

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Children’s Therapy

This service is suitable for children and young people aged 0 to 11 years old with emotional or behavioural difficulties. Our Child Therapists use a multidisciplinary approach and operate within the framework of the child's lifestyle.

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Adolescents Therapy

Growing up and being more independent in life can present a myriad of challenges. Every young person is constantly exposed to a new situation/person/emotion and often it is difficult to find the most skilful way to respond. This service is offered to young people 12+ years old by our dedicated therapists. 

Parenting Consultation

We offer this service to all parents who would like to speak to one of our experienced therapists specialised in supporting and helping parents at all stages of parenting.

Couples, Marriage and Relationship Therapy

Counselling and Therapy can facilitate growth, ease stress and alleviate conflict. Very often, it is helpful when one or both of you are feeling misunderstood or isolated, or when you identify negative and destructive patterns. Couples Therapy otherwise referred to as relationship Counselling or, marriage Counselling is an opportunity to air hurt and concerning feelings in a safe, private and controlled setting.

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LGBTQ+ Therapy

You maybe wanting to seek counselling and therapy with a therapist who specialises in LGBTQ+ concerns or you may want to work with a gay therapist?

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Family Therapy

Family Therapists work with families and family members to help them find constructive ways to help each other. Families are like small and unique communities, and like all communities they sometimes get into difficulties through their differences with one another, or feel the strain when family members experience troubles. Marybeth Mendenhall is our Senior Associate Family Therapist.

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We wanted to thank you for helping in identifying what has been going on with our son. It has been a true eye opener and we are going to take everything your said on board. (parent of a 5 years old)

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