Crisis Intervention

Sometimes a situation can seem so overwhelming that life can suddenly become completely overshadowed and it can feel impossible to get back to being able to live life in a comparatively “normal” way. It’s not that you have reached the point of giving up, rather you have reached your limit, feel desperate to find a way forward and know that something different needs to happen but you are not sure quite what.

Examples of crisis situations can include:

  • Experiencing symptoms of psychosis
  • Sudden shocks and traumas including loss, diagnosis of serious health issues, betrayals, abuse, crime
  • Where behaviours are becoming dangerous - alcohol, substance misuse, drug taking, self harming, anger and conflict

At times like this therapist tools in assessment and treatment formulation can be vital. Greater emphasis will be placed upon prioritising, through an intensive assessment process, gaining a clear view of what is happening and might be helpful. 

In practice you will agree with the therapist a prolonged initial session, to ensure that a full and rapid assessment of the situation is made. Outcomes agreed with you will be:

  • this assessment is sufficient 
  • a specific psychological intervention is required urgently 
  • Intensive Therapy is required (see here for more details)
  • a referral is needed to a medical professional or rehabilitation service 
  • start therapy


Please note if there is an immediate danger to life or safety then you should dial 999 to access the emergency services.


Therapists Specialising in Crisis Intervention:

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