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There can be times when there is an opportunity or need to commit significant time and resources to addressing psychological wellbeing. Maybe there is a window of time available to work on patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful or unskillful, or else there has been an event and you wish to give it priority over other areas of life.

Sometimes people with busy schedules or facing a crisis may find tailor made Intensive Therapy helpful.

People may also request Intensive Therapy when a concern has started to escalate to the point that a situation or behaviour is having a significantly and increasingly harmful impact upon quality of life. Escalating psychological symptoms and unhelpful and unhealthy negative behaviours require interventions to arrest, stabilise, reverse and support sufferers. 

In these circumstances a therapist or therapists may work with other medical and wellbeing professionals to ensure the appropriate level of input.

We have experience of offering this to adults individually and in relationships. Sessions can be organised at our offices in Chiswick, at your home, or at other suitable venues in the UK and internationally.


Therapists Specialising in Intensive Therapy Services:

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Myself and my husband had several sessions with your Therapist both online and in person. I have been fortunate to have therapy in the past but your Therapist was quite different, really intuitive, I felt for me, they was the exact balance ...

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