Evangelos Raptis - Associate Individuals and Couples

Evangelos Raptis - Associate: Individuals and Couples


Evangelos is a couples therapist and interpersonal mediator accredited by UKCP and IMI. He works online welcoming  individuals  and  couples  from all walks of life: those with difficult family histories and emotional distress, as well as those simply going through a rough phase. Depending on the circumstances, he offers both brief counselling and long-term psychotherapy. 

Evangelos supports his clients in improving their relationship with themselves and with significant others. He covers a wide spectrum of mental and emotional conditions (anxiety, depression, PTSD, neurodiversity) by promoting a “whole person” perspective. He also looks at different relational angles (the partner, the parent, the business associate, the child, the friend), fostering a “whole life” approch.


Evangelos brings 25 years of professional experience that integrates clinical psychotherapy, relational mentoring, and organisational development. His training includes body psychotherapy, relational neuroscience, interpersonal mediation, and solution-focused counselling.

Evangelos says:

“Relationships are the single biggest source of meaning and joy in life. Sometimes anxiety and other difficult feelings get in the way of that basic truth. Working together, we rediscover how to repair and to grow our relationship with others, and also with ourself.”

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I went to seek help because I had difficulty coping with anger, small frustrations would trigger overwhelming rage; I had relationship problems; and although I had come out as gay I had a lot of negative feelings about my sexuality. Af...

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