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About In Person and Online Psychotherapy

The therapeutic process seeks to enable you to decide on how to manage your life and make the choices that can lead to greater fulfillment. As a psychotherapist we do not have answers to how you should be approaching life, rather we offer a facilitative relationship so that you can reach the unique answers that suit you.

The therapeutic approach

Together we will consider your life and how you experience it with the aim of understanding the aspects with which you are currently struggling. In our work together we will ask questions that seek to increase our understanding of the concerns that you are facing, ultimately to be able to offer you new perspectives that open up new choices and ways for approaching, managing or coping. The perspectives we offer will be based upon knowledge of different theoretical approaches, experience as a psychotherapist and our time together. If you decide change is necessary, we can work together to identify your choices and their possible effects on your life.

We use an integrative framework that is further informed by an existential perspective. In practice our exploration of your concerns will be based on a form of enquiry that aims to remove the impact of previously held assumptions, this is called phenomenological enquiry. In deepening our understanding we will offer you perspectives based upon the major theoretical approaches combined with a existential framework that can illuminate struggles within the context of what it means to be human. As we work together we will encourage you to consider what you are finding helpful so that we can further focus our efforts in the most constructive way.

Why Psychotherapy?

Our patients bring a wide range of concerns to therapy. They may have had a diagnosis from a GP or Psychiatrist or decided to try therapy having decided that life does not feel as they would like. In therapy people talk about how they experience their lives, exploring health, relationships, interests, spirituality, work, interests, hopes for the future, problems from the past. They may focus on specific feelings such as depression, anger or anxiety or consider the way in which they think about things and how they typcially respond to situations. Most often the subjects covered in psychotherapy are wide-ranging, complex and we look for connections and understanding.

Who comes for Psychotherapy?

Our patients come from all areas of life, professions, genders, sexulaities, ethnicities and ages. Wanting to talk about life and how it is experienced is something everyone may find helpful at some point in life.

How long does Psychotherapy take?

To talk about our lives takes time, unlike counselling where a specific issue tends to remain the focus of dialogue, in psychotherapy, you may start speaking about one aspect of your life and then find you end up speaking about something not only quite different but also of much deeper significance to your concerns.

Ultimately you decide how long you have sessions, your psychotherapist can advise whether they think therapy can end or continue but as with psychotherapy generally this is a dialogue. 

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