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The impact of a cancer diagnosis on the patient’s life, mental wellbeing and family and friends can be understandably overwhelming, devastating and many fear they cannot cope in this situation. With some patients, families and friends this eventually gets easier and manageable in day to day life. However if the emotional trauma is extreme or continues to have a significant impact on a patient’s life, counselling can help. In some patients a cancer diagnosis can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction, anger and other issues.

Our professional team have many years of experience dealing with the emotional trauma that can occur after a diagnosis of cancer or other life changing diagnosis. Our therapists can help you come to terms with the diagnosis and manage any other problems that occur. We can also help family and friends as well as the individual diagnosed. We have a range of counselling and therapy techniques on offer to support you through any traumatic life events. Many people find that talking through their feelings helps them come to terms with what’s happening and find positives ways of coping.

There is a lot of evidence that counselling can help you to cope better with the many difficulties you face, during and after your cancer diagnosis and treatment. It can help reduce the stress you face and improve your quality of life.

People affected by cancer often bring a range of concerns to counselling including coping, family and relationships, practical and financial issues. Many strong emotions can be experienced and therapy offers a space to talk about these and decide what if anything to do that you might find helpful.

Our Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

We have many years of experience, and provide a wide range of Counselling and Psychotherapy services covering Cancer. We also offer a range of approaches including Integrative Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Systemic and Existential Psychotherapy.

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