Narcissistic Personality Disorder

It is through our relationships that the term Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) can be meaningful.

You may be feeling disappointed or angry with others for not recognising, appreciating or understanding you. You may find yourself feeling hurt, thinking you are out of place, or have the wrong people around you. Of course this may be the case but it may also highlight that how you make sense of your experience of living and the decisions you make as a result are unhelpful for you.

In addition to your feelings, you might get feedback from others suggesting that they find you unreasonable, have unrealistic expectations, need too much appreciation and/or lack empathy. 

The origin of the term NPD comes from the grouping of behaviours and characteristics observed in people by psychologists through research studies. Disorders are not identified through blood tests, or MRI scans and are therefore subjectively applied with the intention of helping to provide support through psychopharmacological and psychological means. 

The cause of NPD is likely to be complex. Some factors that could be linked are: 

  • Environment - mismatch in parent-child relationship, parenting styles that are overprotective or neglectful with excessive adoration or excessive criticism.
  • Genetics - inherited characteristics.
  • Neurobiology -  the connection between the brain, nervous system, thinking and behaviour. 

NPD causes problems in many areas of life, compromising relationships, work and social life, you may be seen as having a high level of confidence when you actually feel fragile and nervous of the judgments of others. 

In terms of how you think, you may be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance and beauty either about yourself or those around you. Complications and other conditions can co-exist including depression, anxiety, substances misuse, suicidal thoughts. 

We provide a safe and private place where you can talk confidentially. Our therapists will listen, be supportive and encouraging to help you to talk through your experiences. Our experience of working with NPD means that we will be able to help you deepen your understanding of your life and find ways to move forward.

In order to find a therapist to help you we suggest that you focus on the following:

  1. Find a therapist who says they work with NPD - all therapists have an ethical obligation to only work with concerns where they have relevant competence.
  2. Remember that the therapy relationship is unique - being one where you can and need to speak freely - of course this may be hard because you will have had bad experiences in other types of relationship.
  3. Be prepared to commit to therapy although it may well feel uncomfortable at times - remembering it might be crucial to tell your therapist about any discomfort. 

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