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Do you find it difficult to make connections and relationships with those around you? It is not simple for everyone to maintain social connections or create new friends. This might be due to a lack of ability to leave the house, living a long distance from others, or a dislike of social circumstances. It's possible that you're more vulnerable. Perhaps you've relocated to a new location, are socially apprehensive, or have a mental health issue that makes it difficult to form or maintain relationships. Your therapist will be able to work with you to understand better what is happening and together you will be able to find a way forward.

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We have many years of experience, and provide a wide range of Counselling and Psychotherapy services. We also offera range of approaches including Integrative Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Systemic and Existential Psychotherapy.

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Better Together - A New book on relationships

Better Together by Nicholas Rose - Book Review

In ‘Better Together’, Psychotherapist Nicholas Rose gives his unique take on why we choose the people we do, what makes us happy together, what can go wrong and what we can do about it.

Better Together encourages readers to take a step back and to think about their relationship through a lens he calls ‘togethering’ which shines a light on how disturbance and struggles occur and the shifts in perception that can bring healing and harmony.

The primary focus of the book, as with therapy, is to offer a way of understanding what is not yet understood, this the author claims, is the most important tool for ensuring partners are in relationships where they can say they are Better Together.

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We wanted to thank you for helping in identifying what has been going on with our son. It has been a true eye opener and we are going to take everything your said on board. (parent of a 5 years old)

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