Sex Addiction & Risky Behaviours

Addictive / risky behaviours toward sex can be overwhelmingly difficult to cope with and potentially very destructive.

Are you concerned about your sexual thoughts, online viewing, internet activity or behaviour? Do you know someone that is? 

We offer therapy to anyone who is worried about their sexual behaviour and feels that they may be at risk of sexual offending or re-offending, including:

  • those who are concerned about internet behaviour
  • have an attraction to children
  • voyeurs
  • exhibitionists

Help is also offered to the partners, families and friends of offenders, addicts and those at risk.

We are open to working with anyone who is seeking help to remain law abiding or to stop acting out. We believe that providing this service is a safeguarding issue to protect all members of society from the devastating consequences of sexual offending. 

In February 2018 the NSPCC estimated that 24.1% of people between the ages 18 and 24 had experienced sexual abuse in childhood.  There were over 54,000 police recorded sexual offences against children in 2015/16 across the UK.

Therapy can help towards preventing the first sexual offence and ensure relapse prevention. Counselling and Psychotherapy provides an objective and non-judgemental space in which to explore your sex addiction / behaviours and understand it with a view to developing ways to manage and alleviate its effects.

Our Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

We have many years of experience, and provide a wide range of Counselling and Psychotherapy services covering sex addiction / behaviours support. We also offer a range of approaches including Integrative Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Systemic and Existential Psychotherapy.

Further Sex Addiction / Risky Behaviours Therapy Assistance

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Theapists Specialising in Sex Addiction & Risky Behaviours:

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