Sex Addiction & Risky Behaviours

Our therapists are trained and experienced in talking about sex and sexual behaviours so that you can relax and speak freely about your concerns.

'Sex addiction' is not a term recognised by the medical community but is a term made popular by the media. People who wish to talk to us about 'sex addiction' are usually concerned about their sexual behaviours and therapy offers an opportunity to be able to talk through those concerns.

Meanwhile the World Health Organisation (WHO) do have a classification that medical professionals might refer to in diagnosis of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder or CSBD. This not not a term that seeks to replace the concept of 'sex addiction' as no clinical evidence exists to suggest that it actually exists.

CSBD is defined by the WHO and if you receive a diagnosis from a medical professional then we may use the definition in therapy to work through your conerns. 

Are you concerned about your sexual thoughts, online viewing, internet activity or sexual behaviour? Do you know someone that is? 

We offer therapy to anyone who is worried about their sexual behaviour and feels that it is having a damaging impact on their quality of life, relationships, career, financial situation or health.

Therapy can also be helpful for the partners, families and friends of sufferers.

Counselling and Psychotherapy provides an objective and non-judgemental space in which to explore your sexual behaviours and understand it with a view to developing ways to manage and alleviate its effects.

Our Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

We have many years of experience, and provide a wide range of Counselling and Psychotherapy services covering sex addiction / behaviours support. We also offer a range of approaches including Integrative Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Systemic and Existential Psychotherapy.

Further Sex Addiction / Risky Behaviours Therapy Assistance

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Therapists Specialising in Sex Addiction & Risky Behaviours:

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We wanted to thank you for helping in identifying what has been going on with our son. It has been a true eye opener and we are going to take everything your said on board. (parent of a 5 years old)

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