Work related Issues

There are a wide range of work related concerns that people bring to therapy including: 

Perfectionism: This urge to be flawless may generate a lot of tension and worry; in fact, it may create a vicious cycle in which we push ourselves to be better yet never attain unachievable expectations.

Insecurity: feeling of insecurity can greatly affect the quality of life both at work and outside. Sometimes high achieving people speak in therapy about feeling like frauds, or else they may have come to feel uncertain about their position following a change in an organisation.

Bullying: workplace bullying is a problem people often bring to therapy. Sometimes clients need to be able to speak through what is happening to get a better understanding before deciding on the best course of action.

Lack of confidence: thoughts about underachievement, not feeling good enough, anxiety around fitting in or quality of work are all concerns people bring to therapy. 

Lack of motivation: Our enthusiasm for coming to work might fluctuate from day to day, and this is true of all of us. But what if you've lost interest in your job and it's now something you dread? Or maybe you are procrastinating and feeling stuck? Motivation can be linked to a wide range of underlying concerns and it can be helpful to talk things through in therapy.

Disappointment: Perhaps you've been working really hard for years to achieve a specific level of success in your job or to earn enough money to support a specific lifestyle. We all have goals and aspirations, and we frequently place a great deal of stock in the notion that particular things will make us happy and this can lead to disappointment. On one level we all know that disappointment is a part of life however sometimes a disappointment or multiple disappointments can seriously affect quality of life.

Setting boundaries: Even if we are able to properly disengage from work outside of working hours, many of us may experience guilt or anxiety as a result of doing so. Fear of missing a crucial email or guilt for not assisting with a task when asked. This type of self-blame thinking might be a sign of a problem with personal boundaries and assertiveness. In addition, boundaries are often something talked about in therapy in relation to dysfunctional and difficult relationships in the workplace. Working though boundary issues can be essential in identifying, stopping and preventing bullying for example.

Discrimination: Despite legal protections people can find they are concerned about discrimination due to gender, sexuality, age, culture, religion, ethnicity. Your therapist will be able to work with you to understand better what is happening and together you will be able to find a way forward.

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