Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology Blog - Archive for Apr 2024

30 - Apr - 2024

Relationship Therapy and Arguments - Story from book Better Together

Cycles and patterns of constant arguments often hide underlying struggles that need partners to take a step back and look at their situation and how they got there. Here you can read story three, published in Better Together - Saul and Luciano's experience of relationship therapy. 

15 - Apr - 2024

Choosing the right therapist

Seeking help from a psychotherapist and counsellor is an important step towards improving your mental health and we understand how difficult this might be when you are not feeling your best. It can be daunting, overwhelming and confusing to navigate through the abundance of options available but there are key factors to consider when choosing the right therapist for you.

01 - Apr - 2024

Philosophy Underpinning Counselling and Psychotherapy

Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, is often regarded as the father of Western philosophy and a prominent figure in the history of thought. His teachings and methods have influenced countless thinkers throughout the centuries, and his legacy continues to resonate in various fields, including psychology and psychotherapy.