New book from Nicholas Rose on relationships 'Better Together'

24 - Jun - 2022

In ‘Better Together’, Psychotherapist Nicholas Rose gives his unique take on why we choose the people we do, what makes us happy together, what can go wrong and what we can do about it.

At the heart of any working relationship is a shared sense of communion and ease which reassures us that we are better being together. Life events and challenges often disturb this, and it is when this happens that conflict arises and we begin to look for what it is that we need to ‘fix’ – an attempt that often only increases conflict and pain.

Better Together encourages readers to take a step back and to think about their relationship through a lens he calls ‘togethering’ which shines a light on how disturbance and struggles occur and the shifts in perception that can bring healing and harmony.

Better Together Book Cover

Better Together by Nicholas Rose - Book Review

The concepts in the book are brought to life through twelve stories, each one illustrating different aspects of relationships, what can go wrong and how togethering can provide a way forward. Meanwhile the end of the book provides direction, structure, tools and techniques that offer you a way of thinking about your own relationships. It includes a series of questions that have the aim of deepening your understanding of the dilemmas you face, so that change can be facilitated.

The primary focus of the book, as with therapy, is to offer a way of understanding what is not yet understood, this the author claims, is the most important tool for ensuring partners are in relationships where they can say they are Better Together.


..have just finished the book and I have to has been an explosion of tears, negative but also positive feelings, memories, thoughts and questions, but also hope on how we can work together, and through the tools you offer hopefully start to understand each other again and what is going on for the other. I love the word togethering, it has so much meaning…

To me, it’s an easy read - easily written - which is good as it caters towards most people. But most importantly, I find it extremely relatable. Almost as if you are talking to me personally about my struggles/problems. So far it made me feel as though it’s the book I wish I had in my earlier life.  Because of how relatable it is, it’s very engaging and I just want to keep on reading it.

Better Together by Nicholas Rose - Book Review

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