New Service - Pesso Boyden Group Therapy

16 - May - 2024

Senior therapist John Dinwoodie is now offering Pesso Boyden Group Therapy. 

PBSP is a uniquely personal way of realising our potential to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

It works gently and imaginatively with problems we have in our present life and traces their roots in childhood, to then construct a new memory of precisely what was needed for healing relief, with the right kinship figure, at the right moment in our personal past. 

Pesso Boyden does not seek to change the past, it offers supplemental possibilities, allowing group members to experience feelings of safety, support, security love and protection that may have been missing in their childhood.

Pesso Boyden Psychotherapy originated in dance. Husband and wife choreography team Diane Boyden & Albert Pesso looked for ways for dancers to express a full range of emotions. Over 35 years they sythesized known methods of Psychotherapeutic healing, particularly bodywork to develop a remarkable method of healing childhood deficits, even pre-verbal trauma, in 1:1 therapy and in small groups. 

This groupwork, where individual therapy is enhanced through appointing group members to take the roles of kinship figures, can resonate very deeply with all group members. 

Recent discoveries in neuroscience demonstrate new wiring can occur in the brain as a result of Psychotherapy. This is the explicit objective of PBSP.

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