Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology Costs


Assessment fee with Office Hours From 5pm
Associate £100 £125
Senior Associate £125 £150
Psychologist £160 £160
Nicholas Rose On request On request


Relationship, Couples & Marriage

Assessment fee with Office Hours From 5pm
Associate £130 £150
Senior Associate £150 £170
Nicholas Rose On request On request


Adolescents & Young People

  Office Hours From 5pm
Assessment fee £125 £150
Pre-consultation for Parents 30 minutes call £70



Pre-consultation for Parents £140
Assessment fee £160

Family Therapy 

  Format Fees
Assessment fee 90 minutes £225
Pre-consultation 30 minutes call/online £70

Parenting Consultation

  Mon-Fri and Weekend
Assessment fee £140


EMDR Therapy

  up to 90 minutes
Processing session fees £180



Clinical Assessments

Personality Disorder

Pre-assessment questionnaire - semi-structured interview - report - follow-up appointment

ADHD Pre-assessment questionnaire - two assesment appointments - report - follow-up appointment £950



Interpersonal Mediation

2 hours An hourly introductory session with each party £200

2 hours

4 hours

An hourly individual follow-up session with each party

A four-hour session with both parties together



The Initial Session:

Initial sessions can be really important to the whole process of therapy, sometimes they are the most important and research shows that for some people a single session was all that they needed. We ensure all of our therapists are trained and experienced specifically in conducting initial sessions, this means that if you and your therapist decide further therapy sessions is the right way forward then you can continue to work together. So unless you decide you would like to try meeting with another of our team, then you get started straight away without needing to repeat your story again to someone new.

In the session you will explore what has brought you, what you would like to achieve and then if it is agreed that further sessions may be helpful, you will be able to make a plan for how to proceed including session times, length, frequency and duration. All of our team have an understanding of the major therapeutic approaches and will be able to discuss any thoughts you have about particular approaches to therapy.

Research constantly shows that the single most important factor in positive outcomes is the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist. As a practice our shared passion is for your wellbeing and we know and understand just how important feeling "right" in therapy is, we encourage you to speak with us about what you would like and not like from both therapy and your therapist so that we can decide with you the best approaches and therapeutic tools.

Our therapists ask for prepayment of assessment sessions and we collect this on their behalf at the time of making the appointment. The fee is non refundable although your therapist will try to reschedule an appointment if an emergency arises, however we kindly suggest you think carefully when booking your session.

Although the initial is usually 50 minutes some therapists can require a longer initial session, you may also decide that a further "initial" session might be helpful. The important thing is that we find the way forward that works for you.


Further Sessions:

The most typical outcome from an initial session is to start with six weekly sessions. If they are proving helpful you continue sessions until they are no longer required. When it is time to finish we always recommend agreeing a number of ending sessions. (Typically a minimum of four sessions).

Other possible but less frequent outcomes are to agree further initial session/s; to start with twice weekly sessions; to agree to take time to consider next steps; to ask to meet with another team member for an initial session or for your therapist to suggest another course of action.

For couples and family therapy, your therapist will explain how they will work with you.


General & Legal:

  • Our team members are self-employed and work in accordance within ethical guidelines and best practices as per their professional bodies. Your therapist will explain how they work.
  • The only data we hold is that relating to your initial enquiry to us and if you have agreed an email requesting feedback, we keep such data for a period of 6 years. 
  • When you make an initial appointment your contact information will then be shared with the relevant team member.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of data protection, use only password / security protected computers/ devices and ensure that any security updates are installed.
  • The agreement provided by your therapist will contain details relating to what information they hold and how they protect your information.



We really value feedback, so please do not hesitate to let your therapist know how things are going as you go along. In addition at the end of our sessions you might like to complete an anonymous online feedback survey. You will be sent a link to the online survey when your sessions end if you have agreed to this.


Concerns and complaints:

In the event you are unhappy with your sessions please do not hesitate to let your therapist know by which ever means is most comfortable for you. Initially they will suggest meeting and talking about your concerns and if this is not possible their professional body has a clearly defined, easy to access and independent complaints process. 

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Myself and my husband had several sessions with your Therapist both online and in person. I have been fortunate to have therapy in the past but your Therapist was quite different, really intuitive, I felt for me, they was the exact balance ...

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