Antisocial Personality Disorders

The impact of Antisocial Personality Disorders on the sufferers and their relationships can be devastating. Affecting aspects of life that most people can take for granted this disorder can affect their chances of finding work, building relationships, maintaining their financial security and their physical and mental health.

Antisocial personality disorder is characterised by behaviour that will be judged as impulsive, irresponsible and often criminal behaviour. Other judgements may include  manipulative, deceitful and reckless and not caring for other people. This can manifest from early age during childhood with a history of conduct disorder such as truancy, delinquency and other disruptive and aggressive behaviours. It can be genetic but also be a result of child abuse or neglect and early traumatic experiences. Evidence suggests behaviour can improve over time with therapy, even if core characteristics such as lack of empathy remain. 

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