Affairs and Betrayals Counselling

Affairs and betrayals can put pressure on any relationship. Infidelity, financial secrets, addictions, disloyalty can break trust and affect the well-being of everyone involved. They are usually symptoms of longer-term problems in the relationship. 

No one ever expects or wants to be betrayed and for this reason the discovery can be very upsetting, with feelings of great confusion and uncertainty regarding the relationship and thoughts about loss of respect, security and trust for the other person. But also the person who committed the betrayal may feel confused, distressed and guilty over the consciousness of a wrongdoing.

Couples often struggle to work through these situations on their own because their opposing experiences makes straightforward communication difficult, conflict escalates and further harm is caused to the relationship.

Therapy provides an opportunity for individuals and couples to work through these issues alone or together. People often use therapy to decide on whether to continue in the relationship and work towards rebuilding trust or work through how to end their relationship. 

We provide a safe and private place where you can talk confidentially. Our therapists will listen, be supportive and encouraging to help you to talk through your experiences and find ways to move forward.

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