Cris Prade - Associate Individuals

Cris Prade - Associate : Individuals

Years in practice: Since 2001

BACP Registered Member

Cris has been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist for over twenty years. She is a registered member of BACP offering both online and in-Person therapy in Chiswick and in Kensington/Earl's Court.

Cris’ experience includes working with clients short and long term, working with young adults and well as with the elderly.

She has trained in psychodynamic and existential psychotherapy. Cris likes to work creatively to meet the needs of each person. In order to do that she sometimes uses techniques from different psychological perspectives, such as CBT or integrates mindfulness and creative approaches. Her premisse is specially focused on the contributions of Viktor Frankl and the importance of meaning in life.


Cris has been working in the field of psychotherapy in London and abroad. In previous experiences she has worked in hospitals facilitating adjustment and coping for patients and families as well as working with health care professionals in groups focused on preventing Burnout Syndrome. She has a specialization in bereavement and has been working with patients suffering from life threatening illnesses since 2002. 

Cris has a breadth of experience in working with mood disorders and crises situations related to cancer, motherhood, midlife, loss and bereavement as well as family and work issues.

Currently, aside from her clinical work, she facilitates support groups for women with metastatic breast cancer for Breast Cancer Now.

Cris says:

“It can be overwhelming to consider the possibility of counselling and/or psychotherapy. We often like to think that we shouldn't need any help to manage our own emotional and psychological life. I feel it is important to recognize that to consider starting therapy is a sign of health; even though it might not feel like that. There is a part in us that can be strong enough to voice a need for help in order to become who we can truly be.”

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We are so pleased with how much happier he has become and have seen such a remarkable change with respect to school and behaviour at home. We think your sessions have been instrumental with that and we can't thank you enough! (parent of a 9...

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