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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a well known humanistic approach to psychotherapy and developed in tandem with the science of attachment, a profound developmental theory of personality and intimate relationships.  This science has expanded our understanding of individual dysfunction and health as well as the nature of love relationships and family bonds.  Attachment views human beings as innately relational, social and wired for intimate bonding with others.

EFT is not only known as one of the best validated and well known approaches to healing distressed couple relationships, but it is also used to address individual depression, anxiety, post- traumatic stress and repairing family bonds. EFT reflects the most recent research on the nature of distress and satisfaction, the nature of bonds of adult love and the power of emotion. 

EFT identifies that distress in couple relationships is usually the result of a threat or rupture of the emotional bond or connection between partners.  When this occurs, couples are left with coping mechanisms that throw them into a negative cycle or ‘dance’ that hijacks the relationship and results in emotional distance between the couple. Negative cycles often result in expressions of frustration, resentment, criticism and anger.

EFT helps couples identify and understand conflict, their ‘dance’ of the negative cycle that blocks the free flow of love, understanding and empathy.  Once the ‘cycle’ is clearly mapped out and understood, EFT therapists help couples correctly identify each other's emotional cues, safely and effectively express their needs, and ultimately discover a new way of reinforcing and strengthening the kind of secure emotional bond we all long for.

EFT is being used with many different kinds of couples and many different cultural groups. EFT practiced around the world and is recognised as an effective evidence based couple, individual and family therapy.

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Myself and my husband had several sessions with your Therapist both online and in person. I have been fortunate to have therapy in the past but your Therapist was quite different, really intuitive, I felt for me, they was the exact balance ...

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