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Marriage Counselling and Therapy can be a positive experience at any stage of a relationship, as they progress new challenges and possibilities arise where counselling and therapy can facilitate growth, change and alleviate conflict. Very often, relationship counselling and therapy is helpful when one or both of you are feeling misunderstood or isolated, or when you identify negative and destructive patterns.

What to Expect from Marriage Counselling and Therapy in West London

As marriage counsellors and therapists in West London we provide a warm, supportive and non-judgmental environment, and we do not take sides. Marriage counsellors do not come to the sessions with an agenda; we are not there to tell you what to do or to manipulate you into staying together. We are there to facilitate you in finding your own way forward; for some partners this will mean finding a more creative and positive future for the relationship, while for others it may mean helping you to accept and manage the end of a relationship.

In our assessment session we will clarify the issues which we can seek to address in the therapy. For many clients this usually involves an initial commitment to six sessions either on a weekly or fortnightly basis. However where there are multiple issues or where significant issues arise during the therapy a longer-term model will be appropriate.

Who Comes for Marriage Counselling and Therapy in West London?

Our clients come with a variety of concerns including breakdowns in communication, parenting, fertility, sexual relations, infidelity, financial pressures, loss or bereavements, work issues, transitions including preparing for marriage or managing a break up, cultural differences and age differential. We have experience of working with heterosexual and same sex couples, couples with children, couples from mixed cultural backgrounds and couples from early twenties through to sixties.

Why choose us for Marriage Counselling and Therapy?

Nicholas Rose & Associates are based in Chiswick within easy access for our clients based in London, we can also work Online. Our Marriage Counselling and Therapy sessions involve us meeting, talking and listening together with the mutual purpose of paying careful attention to your concerns and gaining a greater understanding of your own particular situation. It is a shared process and the therapeutic relationship can only be nurtured in a safe and dependable environment.  

If you feel that you could benefit from Marriage Counselling and Therapy in London then Nicholas Rose and his expert team are here to help you through any issues that you may be having in your relationship. Nicholas and his team are experts covering a wide range of issues and provide a wide range of Counselling Services. Whether your relationship is relatively new or well established all marriages can have problems, Nicholas and his team will use their extensive knowledge and expertise to help resolve any issues that you may be having.

Our counsellors and psychotherapists are experienced at working with couples and relationships both In Person and Online so you can be certain they know how to ensure your sessions deliver the outcomes you want. 



"I have had several therapists over my adult life and on the whole they have been beneficial. However the approach surpassed my expectations. This was due to the combination of discussion and practical exercises that really honed in on the issues present in a way I hadn't experienced before. At a moment that was looking incredibly bleak for me and my partner, helped us find clarity, understanding and the necessary reflection in a warm, secure and nurtured environment, for which I am very grateful for and recommend to anyone seeking help"


Better Together - A New Book on Relationships

Better Together by Nicholas Rose - Book Review

In ‘Better Together’, Psychotherapist Nicholas Rose gives his unique take on why we choose the people we do, what makes us happy together, what can go wrong and what we can do about it.

Better Together encourages readers to take a step back and to think about their relationship through a lens he calls ‘togethering’ which shines a light on how disturbance and struggles occur and the shifts in perception that can bring healing and harmony.

The primary focus of the book, as with therapy, is to offer a way of understanding what is not yet understood, this the author claims, is the most important tool for ensuring partners are in relationships where they can say they are Better Together.

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Our Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

We have many years of experience, and provide a wide range of Counselling and Psychotherapy services in Chiswick. We also offer many approaches including Integrative Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy and Existential Psychotherapy.

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I just want to thank you for all your support over the past couple of months. You have helped me during a confusing and challenging time in my life and for that I am grateful for your time and understanding.

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